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What constitutes a well-designed website?

A website's purpose is to be both engaging and accommodating to its visitors.


Are you using a color palette that communicates the right message? Pleasing color combinations can influence a visitor's behavior towards your brand.


Are you being selective about the typefaces you use on your site? Typography represents your brand's voice. Be sure it's legible though commands attention.


Does your website have expressive, high-quality imagery? Whether photography, illustrations, or video, imagery embodies your brand's personality and tends to be the visitor's first impression.


Is your website's navigation organized in a simple, intuitive, and consistent format? A confusing way-finding system will have your visitors give up and/or look elsewhere.

A well designed website will have the user feel good to be there and is the key to retaining their attention. Be especially conscientious of having a responsive  layout for your website's mobile version.

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