Look The Part!

This is the first basic step in Image 101 - I can't emphasize enough about investing in creating a high-end professional look. Even if you have a great product or service and great marketing, without great presentation the newbie potential customer will always perceive you to be on the lower end of the scale.

Let's look at photography, which is a basic way to portray your goods. For all artists and most businesses/organizations, good photography is key! could take the photographs yourself. You just need to make certain you carve out the time to do a good amount of research especially when it comes to photographs within your industry. Then look into editing programs because there's a 99% chance you'll need it.

In Mark Sganga's case, who is a brilliant guitarist, many friends and fans have snapped shots of him on and off stage. This, obviously, is great since these pics are circulated organically through social media and some are shared with Mark for his own posts. As for an artist's website, especially the banner or header, get serious about your image. No cheating! Don't waste your time with using anything but high quality, high resolution photographs.

There are countless photographers to choose from and there are many who won't break the bank. I'm happy to share one specific photographer who shoots amazing landscapes all over the world as well as people and objects - Michael Malandra Photography. This brings me to another important point - Always give credit where credit is due!

Investing in your image is money well spent. It will make a difference in the growth of your company or brand. Look the part!


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